New Wildlife Painting
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Raymond Ore
2003-12-29 19:19:47 UTC
Please visit:
airbrush ken
2003-12-30 05:35:16 UTC
You've been here before wanting some of the best airbrush artist in
the world to go to your site, I'm guessing to purchase some of your
prints? I don't remember you ever giving any information to help out
anyone with their airbrush work or problems. Seems a little cheap or
selfish don't you think?

I mean you have no problem giving out Free Seamless Textures or free
3d models. All you ask is someone help support you with your painting
efforts. I know Paul or JwBaker never ask for financial support...

No if you need some help on how to improve your airbrush work then by
all means post the request, or if you think you may be able to help
out some artist, then mate go for it.

If you are looking to sell, go to ebay...

Post by Raymond Ore