I will paypal $50 to you for helping me out
(too old to reply)
2005-02-10 08:55:35 UTC
Ok here is what's going on, Im doing that free desktop pc thing and I need 2 more referrals to complete it, I really want to get these so I am going to paypal $50 to the people that sign up using my referral link
i figure its only $100 out of my pocket and thats well worth it to me to get a new pc, anyway it only takes 5 minutes to sign up and complete one of the offers so I get credit. Just sign up and choose one of the offers that has
a free trial, once you recieve credit for signing up for it cancel it so they don't charge you for it. the trials are usually 30 days and you get credit instantly so you have plenty of time to cancel.
when you sign up I will paypal $50 to you. please help me out. here is my referral link


I just want to say thanks in advance for helping me out.

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2005-02-25 17:22:03 UTC
kan i have some kash too?